About Me

Hi! I’m Terri Rowland and I am a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School. I have been a scholar at LCS for over two years. Learning how to coach myself and thinking deliberately has completely changed my life and the direction I was going. My relationship with my husband is the best it has ever been and we’re navigating the waters of parenting four boys. The many tools I use have transformed all the areas of my life and the way I see life in general. So much so that I became a certified life coach and want to show and teach others that the life you want is created by you and your thinking.

I am trained in the latest, most effective tools and remain on the cutting-edge of Life Coaching through continued education, trainings and practice.

My Mission

My mission is to help end suffering for those who want more intimate and stronger relationships. With life coaching I’ll show you how to manage your thoughts and bring about the outcomes you desire. You can learn to feel confident again, to trust and believe in yourself and find it possible to thrive in every aspect of your life.


  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I was fortunate to be referred to Terri Rowland through my functional medicine doctor. As I was beginning the journey to a healthier self physically and mentally it was suggested that I reach out to Terri and have her support me as my life coach.

    I was at a place that I thought I had tried everything. I had been reading self-help books since the age of 17, and yet here I was feeling hopeless. I didn’t know where to turn. I had seen several therapists over the years relating to my career and parenting struggles. I had been diagnosed with anxiety, but I had a desire to no longer need medication, however, that goal seemed unattainable at that time.

    Terri was extremely flexible and made it easy to schedule a call. I didn’t know what to expect that first call, but during it I recognized a refreshing change from what I was used to in traditional therapy. This felt more focused on action and making progress. By the third call I had literally made massive headway on issues that had me stuck for years. It really did feel too good to be true.

    Terri has such a warm and inviting personality. I found it very easy to share my issues with her and get right to work. Her way of asking me questions and guiding me through the areas where my thinking was stuck was magical. She asked just the right questions to activate my brain to help guide me to the solution. The best word I can use to describe my outcome is EMPOWERMENT. I will forever be grateful to Terri for getting me to a healthier state of mind and then showing me new tools to have in my toolbox. This allowed me to improve my outlook
    on life and find peace. I am also thrilled to say I was able to reach my goal of eliminating the reliance on medication. I highly recommend Terri Rowland as a life coach.

    Fixing a source of pain in your life is so valuable. Fixing your thought processes so that you can be empowered to meet and exceed goals bigger than you originally thought possible is PRICELESS!

    Carisa Peters
  • When my best friend mentioned that she was seeing a life coach, I have to admit I didn’t really understand what that entailed. At 48, I had seen a couple “traditional” therapists over the years, and I wasn’t quite sure what the difference could be. I was set in my ways and a bit stubborn, but I was trying to be open minded to the benefits.

    The more I spoke with my friend, the more I saw the changes that were manifesting in her life. I could no longer deny the validity of this lesser known (to me) healing path. I sent the email to start my walk with Terri. I’m eternally grateful that I had the courage to hit “send.”

    From the first call, Terri was patient, kind, and understanding. There was no judgement, and I felt comfortable from the start opening my mind and heart to her. It didn’t take long to understand how much of an awakening it could be to work with a life coach!

    It’s been about two months since that first call, and that hour with Terri is now a favorite part of my week. She is able to help me see so clearly the reasons behind the choices I make. She guides me gently. She encourages me to be my best self. She’s given me confidence that has been lacking for so many years. She has helped me to save my marriage.

    I can’t say enough positive things about my time with Terri. To say I’m thankful is an understatement. She has truly changed my outlook on life. With her help, I am on my way to being the best possible version of myself.

    Bronwyn Croley
  • Terri Rowland helped me get past some “stuck” points that had been holding me back from effectively pursuing my goals, causing me much grief and frustration. Her warm, accepting, kindness put me at ease, and her gentle but purposeful questions helped me to see beyond myself and my fears. Terri used her intuitive listening skills to pick up on my unspoken thoughts that she then brought to light in a respectful way, resulting in my becoming more aware of my own self-sabotaging beliefs. Not only did Terri help me to break free and move forward with confident determination, but also, she armed me with tools to apply to successful goal setting and achievement in the future.

    Karen Saucedo
  • I took Terri up on her real and honest offer of life coaching. What I had hoped for but didn’t expect was how it has truly impacted me in a profound way. I was definitely in need but, like some, a little skeptical.

    We meet regularly and I look forward to it! Terri is just lovely. Caring, very intuitive, smart, gracious, and I walk away each week with more confidence and a mindset to match. I also walk away with solid ideas of what I will focus on during the week. Bite-sized pieces so I am not overwhelmed but absolutely moving forward in a wonderful way both personally and professionally.

    ALL, I recommend you take Terri Rowland up on her offer of life coaching. It is legit. You won’t regret it.. I am forever grateful to her.

    Jana Hilliar
  • I’ve always been an “all or nothing” type of person which resulted in short term successes that quickly fizzled out the moment I fell off track. This was prevalent in my eating, exercising, parenting, house work, etc. With Terri’s help I was able to change my mentality and approach to start with smaller goals and expectations. Taking things day by day and telling myself that its not a big deal if I fall off track and eventually circle back. By doing this, I was less likely to make excuses or just instantly give up. My goals were now more attainable and I can apply this mentality to so many different things big and small! Terri has such a calming and positive energy. She provides a safe environment to be open and honest with myself to help get to the root cause of my thoughts and feelings. I have a whole new perspective and and am so grateful for Terri’s support and coaching!

    Katie Ray
  • I liked your tone. It was pleasant and not judge-mental. You listened well and helped put a different perspective on the topic.

    Shana T
  • Hi Terri
    Here is my review:
    I have worked with my coaches and modalities over the years.. I found Terri and her method to be quite efficient. I like the way she gets right to the point/solution. Working with Terri is not only effective, but easy. Totally worth it!

    Jill L.
  • Hey Terri! A few things to it out from our session.
    You were very personable and your passion for the field is clear.
    I thought that the questions you ask really got to the heart of the matter pretty quickly.
    I think you accomplish the goal by getting me, the quiet, to come up with some direction as we processed the questions at hand.
    Great job! You’ll do super as a life coach.

    Sam B.