Intimacy is a beautiful choice you make and I believe it should be a joyful experience, full of connection, acceptance and inspiration. This kind of intimacy brings joy to your life. It’s fun, it’s honest, it’s full of passion! Now let’s be clear, it doesn’t erase life difficulties. Life is still happening all around you but you don’t have to add arguing, resentment and frustration to the mix.

When you cultivate intimacy into your relationship this helps you get through those hard times with trust and peace and then you begin to turn towards each other, you lean in, you use the hard times to get closer. If you want to be more intimate let’s learn the skills to create this kind of intimacy, love and bring joy back to your relationship and the bedroom.

If you want more intimacy in your relationship, better sex and unsure where to turn I am the coach for you. No subject is too taboo to talk about and discuss. I offer private one on one coaching to all people on a variety of sexuality related issues including lack of intimacy, body image and expressing yourself as a sexual being.